Nathaniel O. reviewed Qualia Mind

5 months ago

Best Stack I've Ever Used

I've been experimenting in the Nootropics world for several years, particularly with caffeine mixed with other things, and Qualia is without a doubt the best stack I've ever taken. The experience is substantially different (read: better) than just caffeine, caffeine + l theanine, mushroom coffees, or any combination of caffeine & nootropics that I've tried. I've used other name-brand stacks like CILTEP and Alpha Brain, and Qualia is far better. CILTEP made me feel like a robot and gave me very bad insomnia, and Alpha Brain made my tongue numb and speech slur (no joke). About 30 minutes after taking Qualia, it felt like someone just started to blow the cobwebs out of my head. I felt calm and clear, but highly engaged, present, and incredibly capable. I felt that my brain was performing at a significantly higher level than on caffeine + l theanine alone, but without the "high strung" feeling that caffeine alone gives me. The come-down was also much, much gentler than I get from other stimulant-type nootropics, and state of high-performance that I'm in has the distinct quality of being "supported" far more than it is "forced," which is how the stimulants make me feel. There was a noticeable come-down from the caffeine/theobromine, but I felt like I was still able to do things for the rest of the day -- I didn't take it, crash 6 hours later, and spend the rest of the day as an anxious zombie like I would have if I had drank straight coffee. Nootropic stacks like this are the future of problem solving and creativity -- I'm convinced.

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