Jennifer H. reviewed Qualia Immune

over 1 year ago

Better now

I really felt the difference between the first week to the fourth week. I feel like it did challenge my immune system and I came out the other end healthier for it.

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Rose Y. February 11, 2021

Noticeable energy boost!

Felt noticeably more energetic taking a reduced dosage of two capsules per day with my usual NR and TMG (@120lbs, I typically reduce my dosage as they recommend as necessary). No jitteriness. Just nice sustainable energy.

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Dave F. January 31, 2021

Tried & True With Some Extras

Very nice immunity and system support blend. Appropriately dosed scientifically researched ingredients but also with some newer ones that I haven't seen in other products in this category. Overall very comprehensive and well thought out. Also, the bottle and silky label give it a super premium fe...

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Ann J. February 2, 2021

Valuable product for increased immunity!

Felt increasing strength and vitality as the week went on; no adverse side effects!

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beatrice a. October 10, 2020

qualia immune

i have tried several qualia products and have appreciated each of them. for my needs the immune is the one i am going to stick with for the near future. this is a great company with super customer service.

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