Jennifer H. reviewed Qualia Immune

9 months ago

Better now

I really felt the difference between the first week to the fourth week. I feel like it did challenge my immune system and I came out the other end healthier for it.

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Christianne N. January 30, 2021

Amazing Ingredients

During my trial, I definitely experienced more restful sleep and I was also waking up feeling energized right away. I’m sure it was also priming my immune system to strengthen up. Maybe if the trial was 2 weeks I would have been able to see more immune-related effects. Still awesome though.

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fernando d. January 27, 2021

Feeling great with immunity support

iloved it

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Mike S. February 2, 2021

Great stuff

I’m in and out of the truck all day long in the Chicagoland area and gives me peace of mind while being around so many people.

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Gavin C. February 2, 2021


While using this product I noticed I was waking up rather early, 2-3 hours before my average waking, although waking early I felt refreshed and my nasal passages were more open and clearer. It was a bit of a rough week with more stress than usual, a week that could potentially lead to a cold, but...

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