Marlon V. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Maybe for long term effects, but not for short

Didn't feel much of a difference. Maybe if taken for a longer period of time, I would feel the difference.

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Elias N. February 7, 2021


I used this after stopping caffine, it helped ease withdrawal symptoms. I can’t say much else about any other benefits, as I used this short term

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Kawika M. January 30, 2021

Made me wonder about possibilities.

I truly wish you had considered offering more than you did for the study. You take a pain reliever for a headache and it works (or should) in an hour or two. But to experience a noticeable change in my body's immune system after just five days? Let's put it this way, if that had been the case, I'...

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Randy L. June 17, 2020


No noticeable impact

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Dan M. January 23, 2021

immune support

Subtle improvements in sleep, energy and no colds or signs of being sick since using this supplement

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