Rose Y. reviewed Qualia Immune

11 months ago

Noticeable energy boost!

Felt noticeably more energetic taking a reduced dosage of two capsules per day with my usual NR and TMG (@120lbs, I typically reduce my dosage as they recommend as necessary). No jitteriness. Just nice sustainable energy.

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Doreen N. January 28, 2021


Taking this for five days, I found this alternative way of taking supplement to be more efficient than how I usually take them. I take all the ingredients provided, in individual capsules. So it is quite nice to have them all in here. I think the only bummer was the lack of Vitamin C, Lion’s Mane...

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Stephen K. January 27, 2021

I Feel Protected.

My overall body feeling has been pretty good. My chest doesn't ache as much on cold mornings, my sinuses have been clear, no post-nasal drip, no heavy coughing during my morning shower, and very few body pains.

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Jonah G. January 22, 2021

It’s a toy story reference

It’s good I have a little bit of allergies in the morning snd this was like not today zerg

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Heather F. January 27, 2021

Good Supplement

Hard to tell if an immune supplement is working but this one has all the right ingredients. My only complaint is it can be a little hard on the stomach.

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