alexander V. reviewed Qualia Mind

4 months ago

Reasonably effective, hard to take

I've been cycling Qualia Mind with other nootropic solutions, and it seems to have a nice balance of actually doing something while not having any unpleasant side effects. I took adderall for awhile, and of course it's got more of an obvious effect, but I find the feeling of being on it (and the crash) unpleasant, and of course, I don't want to take an amphetamine every day. Qualia definitely helps my ADD to an extent. My biggest complaint is that they could make it a lot more "user friendly." You're supposed to take 7 pills and they taste exactly monkey ass. Monkey ass is rough first thing in the morning. And because they pack the capsules loosely, the float and are hard to swallow. If they packed them more densely, they could get them in fewer capsules and they might be less buoyant, making them easier to swallow.

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THIS STUFF WORKS; a realistic review.

Using Qualia mind has been a truly interesting experience over this first month. I'm going to put in this review some of my initial reactions, as well as some of the minor drawbacks I have noticed, and how I have coped with them. I would like to start by saying that I have come to a place where I...

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Though really expensive

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Shane O. September 22, 2018

Back to work on brain boost

I was off work for a bit, I assumed getting a job would be easy but it actually wasn't. Qualia gave me the mental boost I needed and may have helped me get the job, anyway I'm still on it and finding it a great mental addition!

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Worthy of praise

Your product is elegant and creates a mental and physical environment that allows myself to experience inspiration, creativity, increased intuition, emotional intelligence, emotional resiliency and cognitive functioning without jitters, come downs, or other side effects (if your lifestyle is alig...

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