Mike S. reviewed Qualia Immune

12 months ago

Too Early to Tell

I gave it a 4 star only b/c I can't tell how well it's worked, and I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. Overall, I feel about the same as normal and have enjoyed my health. I can only assume it's helping. I still feel like it's too early to tell.

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molli m. February 25, 2021

Great, clean energy

I love this product. I love that is a liquid, too. It gets right in, first thing and I feel I have good clean energy for the rest of the day, I feel clearer and also ready to exercise. I do not drink caffeine, I don't like the way it makes me feel....but this I love!

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Clint F. February 1, 2021

Beta Immune

Took 2 capsules twice a day. I didn't really notice any immediate effects from the capsules but I felt pretty healthy and my immune system seemed strong.

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Rose Y. February 11, 2021

Noticeable energy boost!

Felt noticeably more energetic taking a reduced dosage of two capsules per day with my usual NR and TMG (@120lbs, I typically reduce my dosage as they recommend as necessary). No jitteriness. Just nice sustainable energy.

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Nathaniel C. February 6, 2021

Great product with results!

I have experienced quick recoveries with a minor cold. What I will say is that since taking this I have experienced full days. What I mean by that is I have a healthy appetite, great cognitive brain function and though I’m experiencing the most stressful period of my life with a custody legal bat...

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