Guest - 2017-12-28
Love the adaptogens, hate the buzz. Otherwise it's a great stack; improved my focus and clarity.
Jerome A. - 2017-12-21
Sam B. - 2017-12-07
I frequently have trouble sleeping and am too busy with assignments to be active, both of which would cause Qualia to not be very effective, so I have not used it much. When I have, I notice I have much more energy to go do stuff and have fun and more drive to get important things done. I feel like myself again, and I truly enjoy life while I am on Qualia. Am attempting to start excersizing and sleeping more so I can utilize Qualia fully. Keep up the good work neurohacker collective
Meng V. - 2017-12-04
It's been almost 2 weeks since I've taken Qualia. I work a 12 hour rotation shift. I'm experiencing less tiredness throughout the day. After work I still have full of energy to study and still focus with less fog and even more motivated to do so. I'm looking forward for the next few months to see if anything incredible or experiences changes.
david s. - 2017-12-02
Hey guys, I have been taking this stuff for two weeks now and I can say I really do feel a difference. I've noticed I'm more willing to entertain new ideas and have been able to obsorb information more easily as well.
Guest - 2017-11-23
After completing my 2nd week of using Qualia my experience has been a mixed bag mostly due to the expectations I placed on the product. I restarted the Keto (Modified Atkins) with my first dosage. I've also been using KetoOS. The first three days were underwhelming. I noted no major changes and didn't "feel" clearer. At max I get about 5-6 hours of sleep, usually 3-4 and expected the product to make up for my poor sleep habits. After getting the recommended hours of sleep I felt slightly bett...Read more.
Sean M. - 2017-11-23
Love it and will recommend it to family and friends.
Amy H. - 2017-11-11
I do have a hard time swallowing all the pills but glad it’s only one time in morning. Otherwise I can tell the difference and am excited to see the long term goal.
Robert K. - 2017-11-11
Pretty, pretty, pretty good
Joshua T. - 2017-10-17
I gave it 4 stars bc the initial start was a little unpleasant: headache, stomach discomfort. Then I realized I needed to drink more water AND more coffee! Mentally, it lifts the proverbial fog and keeps one on point with a veritable calm throughout the day.
Guest - 2017-10-16
I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed that it didn't have the WOW factor that Ben Greenfield described in his review. But after a few days of use I did feel..."smoother"? More even-keeled. Things did bother me a much and I found it easier to shrug off negative emotions.
Juan C. - 2017-10-03
Miles S. - 2017-09-28
The very first pill I took I did notice a cognitive shift and boost in mood. I'm only a few weeks in and am noticing/tracking the overall changes I notice. I also take some other supplements from and, and I may have to stop those for a time to see what supplement is actually working for me!
Adam W. - 2017-09-27
Qualia gives you a number of battle-proven, high-quality nootropics and doesn’t skimp on dosages. My only complaint is the high price, but its wide range of ingredients and generous dosages makes the high price point easier to swallow.
Emily W. - 2017-09-14
Thomas H. - 2017-09-12
Seems to be a legit product. Helps me stay focused and sharp. Price per month is too high. Will continue taking it, but sooner or later, I'm probably going to stop dolling out over $100 month. Wouldn't be the least surprised that within a few months after I would stop ordering, someone would call or email with a lower price.
Sharon L. - 2021-12-29
Good quality ingredients. Hoping to see clear benefits!
Sharon L. - 2021-12-29
Good quality ingredients. Hoping for clear benefits!
Nicholas F. - 2021-12-27
Seems to work for training intervals. No crash or jitters. Too expensive (and you get fewer "doses") than with other supplements, so subscriptions are kind of off the table.
Benjamin A. - 2021-12-14
Qualia Mind makes it easy to get the vitamins I need in a daily supplement.
Elizabeth G. - 2021-12-12
Only had the first bottle and didn’t notice any changes as of yet. My 2nd bottle will arrive the 14th. I will update when I have finished 2nd bottle if I notice difference with my vision in anyway.
Elizabeth G. - 2021-12-11
I only had the one bottle of Qualia Night, so far but I did notice a little improvement on my sleep quality and w0ke up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day than before I started using Qualia Night. I think for me to give a better review I would have to take it for a least a month 2 without a break to get the full effects of the product.
Andrea A. - 2021-12-02
I have used one bottle of this at 1/day and haven’t noticed any improvement in my eyesight. Just moved up to 2/day and hoping that will make a difference.
Shan M. - 2021-11-30
I can’t really tell how this is helping me at this stage (3 weeks). I have an astigmatism in both eyes. One worse than the other. But my eyes have been noticeably less strained. More relaxed, and I’m uncertain if my vision has improved in range or if I’m just imagining. Would take longer to know.
Carl V. - 2021-11-26 | Beta Tester
I didn’t not notice any effects from this product. I have used other products with success it may have just been the formula didn’t work for me.