Anthony S. - 2021-02-05
It's hard to gauge this product accurately due to it being an immune supplement and noticing a positive change in that area is difficult. My issue however though is that since I began taking it, I had difficulty sleeping every night which made me less enthused about it.
Brenda A. - 2021-02-03
I didn't like the taste, felt linda gritty and medicinal. It did seem to give me more clarity though
Cameron D. - 2021-02-03
Out of the fives days I have taken this, I have had paper from the seal fall into it twice. The seal is very difficult to remove and it isn't a great experience to feel part of it in my mouth when taking the shot. That said, the taste is really difficult to handle without chasing with water. The effects are subtle on days 1-3, but more pronounced on 4-5. I feel an energy and focus boost starting from around the 20 minute mark. It lasts for just around 1.5-2 hours before fading away.
Steven T. - 2021-02-03
Provided a little boost in energy and alertness
Nate H. - 2021-02-03
Felt similar the Week Prior to use , the Week of Use, and Week After use. Did not feel and effort, either good or bad.
Ben H. - 2021-02-02
I did not have any noticeable effects from taking this product for 5 days.
Nigel S. - 2021-02-02
Difficult to rate the efficacy of this product other than to say I am still in good health. Gave me the squits on day 1 but no problems thereafter.
Emily S. - 2021-02-02
I'm on day 3, not sure that I will feel much of a difference in that short amount of time but I dont feel worse :)
Krizia B. - 2021-02-01
Its hard to say if it had a notable effect on my immune system since I wasn't feeling sick to begin with, maybe if I took it for a couple weeks I'd notice something more profound. I did prefer splitting the recommended dosage into a morning and afternoon intake because when I took 4 at once I did feel slightly sleepy. In a good way but that's not condusive to the grind. I would give it a try again but for a longer time to see if it has a true effect in improving my immune system.
Javier S. - 2021-01-31
At the end no effect at all, but it could be because I use to eat and drink immune supporting foods like milk and water kefir, colostrum powder, fruits with Vit C like oranges (peel included), pineapple, raspberries and blueberries, and raw egg yolks. Also kind of dissapointed of the low content on Vit D3 (less than 1000 UI) and using Zinc Gluconate instead on Zinc Picolynate
Kawika M. - 2021-01-30
I truly wish you had considered offering more than you did for the study. You take a pain reliever for a headache and it works (or should) in an hour or two. But to experience a noticeable change in my body's immune system after just five days? Let's put it this way, if that had been the case, I'd sign up right now for a lifetime subscription. But after taking this for only five days, I simply didn't have enough time to actually notice much of anything. That would be a concern if I felt no ch...Read more.
Patricia F. - 2021-01-30
I dislike swallowing pills so having to take 4 at a time is annoying to me. I took the product for a week and feel fine. No bad effects from it. Hopefully building my immunity!
Brian S. - 2021-01-30
I had a headache 3 out of the 5 days
Howard E. - 2021-01-30
I’ve been taking Immune for about 3 days with little to no discernible effect.
Lou D. - 2021-01-29
I honestly didn't notice any difference while taking this product.
Marlon V. - 2021-01-29
Didn't feel much of a difference. Maybe if taken for a longer period of time, I would feel the difference.
Shawn C. - 2021-01-29
I did not see an overall boost in my mood or immunity. I've taken several other immunity supplements and experienced similiar results.
Sarah C. - 2021-01-28
There wasn’t enough of the product in the sample for me to notice any difference in my immunity. I didn’t have any adverse reactions and I will most likely order the regular size for a better comparison.
Jay R. - 2021-01-28
IVE been kinda sick so it’s a little hard to say if it helps I’ll say this some I’ve been talking this I’m starting to feel a lot better
Margot M. - 2021-01-27
could not tell i was using it. No discernable feeling in mood or physical wellbeing
Mark H. - 2021-01-27
I think 5 days is too short of a trial. I didn't notice anything while taking the product. I don't feel better or worse.
Andrew T. - 2021-01-26
Joseph B. - 2021-01-24
No Effect