Qualia Mind Caffeine Free Reviews

marc s. - 2019-08-09
The product is amazing. I’ve been using Qulia for about a year and a half. I notice a difference in sharpness and mental clarity and recall. I really enjoy the caffeine free qualia and still enjoy my coffee or preworkout products.
Cynthia H. - 2019-07-31
I have been using Qualia - Caffeine Free for almost 2 months now and I have noticed a difference in my focus at work and in my personal life! I sleep better, more sound and in the morning I am able to get up energized, ready and able to move so much that I am now re-introducing working out! I love this product!
Mitchell F. - 2019-05-09
I am so grateful for my experience with Qualia so far. I tried Focus first and felt good after a month but Qualia Mind really is a shining light. I have adjusted many things in my life in recent times which has been guided in a large way by Neurohacker collective. I have the four quadrants of focus on my wall and after a horrible start to the year I now feel better than I have felt in many years. I believe Qualia is playing a major part in this change. My focus has definitely improved, I hav...Read more.
ERIC P. - 2019-03-10
I was open to a positive experience with Qualia but didn’t know what to expect. So many companies promise the moon with products but so rarely deliver, so this has been a pleasant surprise to say the least. I’m just into the beginning of week two and I feel a noticeable improvement in focus, mental clarity and quality of sleep, Also quicker recall and cognitive processing speed. I eat very clean food and workout/exercise several times a week, so my lifestyle was already healthy before adding ...Read more.
Scott L. - 2018-09-04
Best over the counter nootropic that I have ever tried! Yes, more focus. Yes, more energy. Yes, more motivation. But most of all, Qualia just leaves me feeling really clear and "clean" for lack of better description. I highly recommend Qualia to anyone looking for a competitive edge in the business world and/or anyone who is looking to attain peak performance/brain optimization. If I could change just one thing about it, it would be the price. With that said, it's value contribution does live...Read more.
Hara L. - 2024-04-16
I have just started taking Qualia Mind and I am already experiencing a clearer mind. I only gave 4 stars because Qualia has cancelled 2 of my orders so that I am unable to try our the other products in the line.
Gary B. - 2023-12-20
Helps alot with focus and energy to get things done.
Jeffrey L. - 2023-08-01
It's only been a week, but I feel focused without a jolt of energy. My workload is reduced with little effort and I stay focused even during my downtime. I'm reaching my full potential.
JOHN M. - 2023-04-13
Sp far its working, my mind is sharper.
Tyler G. - 2023-02-21
I truly do feel like I recognize a difference in taking Qualia Mind. Within 30-mins to 1hr after taking it, I feel better at focusing on the tasks before me. I like the caffeine-free version because I get less jittery if I drink coffee on the same day.
Charles S. - 2022-12-30
Consume as instructed.
Alan P. - 2022-11-01
I've only been taking it for a little over a week but I do feel that I have had improvement. The only reason I give it four stars is due to the price.
Donald S. - 2022-07-03
Great product. Stands out from the rest for the mental boost and clarity in todays fast paced word
Will G. - 2022-05-31
Better than others on the market. I like the caffeine free option.
Barbara P. - 2022-05-31
Too soon to tell. I've been taking for about two weeks. Hoping there is a more noticeable effect the longer I take it.
Annette C. - 2022-05-10
I really like QM caffeine free. I like that I can control the amount of caffeine I have for the day. I have tried other other high end products, but QM works best for me.
Vince L. - 2022-05-04
Just bought a bottle and I’ve heard great things about it
Yaroslav B. - 2022-03-08
Prefer this one over the caffeine version
Leland B. - 2022-02-06
Day 1. Hard day but feeling pretty good still. I’ll keep you posted.
Amelia R. - 2022-01-20
This product keeps me going. This product improves my mental clarity so that I can handle complicated work, and I'm using it while I transfer to a keto lifestyle. I took one star off because of the taste of the product --fishy and hay but mostly fishy. It isn't fish in it --it's likely the sea algae extracts. Those are excellent for you, but for the sake of those out here, can you coat the capsules in something where we can't taste it? I've been taking Qualia Mind on and off for a year, taki...Read more.
Milad N. - 2022-01-07
The caffeine one made me jittery but this one is good.
RICHARD L. - 2021-12-24
Noticed difference right away after starting to use.
Julia S. - 2021-12-08
Just started using it, the dosage of 7 capsules a day sounds excessive, I would prefer less capsules with same idea of effect
Danny T. - 2021-11-25
It was wonderful for a first time experience
Michael P. - 2021-09-04
I would recommend it to anyone looking to support a healthy brain.