Qualia Mind Caffeine Free Reviews

Mary P. - 2019-11-26
I took Eternus and Mind for 5 days and took off 2 days. The first few days, I felt a difference and discontinued my other supplements. I didn't want to over due the pill taking. Seems to be a lot for your product. How is it on the liver? Staying open minded and hoping for more positive results.
Antonio D. - 2019-08-13
I love Qualia and wanted something that didn't make me as jittery, but it seems as though the caffeine + theobromine is what helps accelerate everything in my brain. The caffeine free version just made me a bit spaced-out and droopy. I tried combining it with regular green tea/coffee, but the effects weren't the same as the caffeine included in Qualia itself.
eric k. - 2019-07-07
At first, I apparently wasn't getting proper sleep so I got that in check. I would consider myself active on an average rate and my diet I would say, is pretty nutritiously balanced. After a couple weeks of taking seven capsules every morning, I found myself feeling too hyper-focused on specific tasks at work. I also felt I couldn't formulate speech and even had a feeling of vertigo at one point. I toned down the daily amount to about three every morning for the following week, but really fel...Read more.
David Jonathan L. - 2023-01-10
I am only one week in to using the product, so I am unsure of its effects.
Adriane D. - 2022-06-19
Qualia Mind Caffeine Free helped recall and sharpness, however it caused my eyes to dry out where I could not wear the contacts despite using Systane drops for contact lenses.
Guest - 2022-04-21
I did not notice much of a difference despite the stellar ingredients profile. Maybe I was already in great health or just have a difficult set of genes to work with. Wish I would have been able to get a refund under the guarantee but by the time I remembered it, it was too late. Nice that they do that though, and hope it works well for others. As for me, I'll have to keep searching.
Norman O. - 2022-01-15
I tried it for about 3 weeks without seeing any results. Did I stop too soon?
Daniel H. - 2021-03-03
I have been using this product now for several days and honestly have not felt much of a difference in my mental performance. I was expecting it to kind of "supercharge" my mental performance, but unfortunately that did not happen. I am not sure if it simply takes more time, but given the ingredients, there should be some immediate effect. For the price it is certainly not something I would consider continuing with.
Matthew L. - 2020-11-15
This is a tentative review as i have only received the product a week ago. So far, and taking the product as directed, i have yet to notice anything (besides the usual effect of taking a B12 supplement). I was hoping for more mental clarity and focus, but maybe i'm already maxed out? Or maybe it just needs more time. The plan it to continue for a few weeks and then stop for a while to see if there's any obvious come-down.
Sonjia F. - 2020-08-20
Felt lethargic after taking this supplement.
Judd R. - 2020-07-04
Apart from feeling short-tempered for a couple hours after using, I not not perceive a significant increase in congnition or focus. Unfortunate.
Sara P. - 2020-03-29
To be honest, I did not notice any difference after four weeks. I was excited to try this product based on the quality and information available. I'll use what I have but I won't be re-ordering.
LARRY w. - 2023-07-24
I have not found this product to be helpful to me. Please cancel my subscription and refund my last order
Mahab S. - 2023-06-30
By mistake
Brad C. - 2022-08-09
I tried it for 30 days and it didn't improve my deep sleep at all. I was hopeful...
BRIAN DEREK H. - 2022-04-18
Elder G. - 2021-08-19
This product does not work for me I’d like my money back
Romeo A. - 2021-04-02
I used the Caffeine Free product for 2 and a half weeks, I asked for the caffeine free because I'm used to take 3 cups of coffee every morning. I took 7 pills every week day, on an empty stomach, I'm not on any medication. In general it didn't improve my concentration, I felt very dizzy, almost vertigo at the end of the day, it didn't improve my sleep, I became very sensitive to light. but I didn't observe any other symptom.
Samuel-David L. - 2021-03-29
Does not work at all and can not feel anything whatsoever
Jennifer D. - 2020-10-07
I can’t tell a difference when using this product..
Joan H. - 2020-09-24
After 3 weeks I do not see any change yet.
Dan I. - 2020-09-11
I never tried a nootropic before. I don't have any particular 'issue' I'm expecting to fix BUT I really like Daniel Schmachtenberger; one of the smartest and honest people I've encountered. So, I gave it a try. 1. Quite costly, which makes it affordable only for the upper part of the population - deepening the gap even more - to put it in Daniel's terms. 2. The marketing got berserk right away. That striked me as the archetype of the "game A" at it's best. Wondering if this wouldn't have b...Read more.
Annie M. - 2020-01-14
I took this 5 days on 2 days off (nonconsecutive), on an empty stomach as recommended, and did not notice a difference. I took them from 1/2/20 to 1/13/20.