Danny K. - 2018-02-16
I love the mission from quaila and had high expectations. I’ve been taking it but haven’t seen results as strong ask I thought. I’m still taking it and wondering if there are any other variables that’s affecting it. At this time, it’s not working for to be honest.
Lauren C. - 2018-02-14
I am taking it very slow - I am only on 1 tablet of step 1 and two of step 2 as I am very sensitive to uppers of any kind. I am on my second week of that protocol and am thinking of moving to 2 and 4 this coming Monday. I like it so far and am having a bit of an easier time focusing but I wouldn't say it isn't earth shattering yet. I do think my memory is a bit better and I feel mentally stronger than I have felt in a long time. One thing I am doing is being able to push myself to do task...Read more.
Matt H. - 2018-02-14
Didn't really work for me, it was like drinking a redbull. It gave me energy but it certainly wasn't 100$ worth of energy.
Dr.Tammy B. - 2018-02-14
Almost done with 1st month~ Not anything to jump up & down about
Rolando C. - 2018-02-09
May work for some people but it wasn’t what I spect from all I read about it. It was like caffeine and that’s all and don’t drink coffee so was awful for me
Edie R. - 2018-02-09
Better than most I've tried.
Seth L. - 2018-02-05
I love the concept, and the ingredients, but I'm disappointed that I haven't gotten more of a pronounced effect at this point. I'm not sure why its been so subtle, or even hardly noticeable. I'm torn between wanting a refund and wanting to stay the course to see if the results change.
Christopher M. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
Nothing to describe because it did nothing to help me focus or give me any feeling whatsoever.
Steve S. - 2021-11-10
so far, I've not experienced any change at all, both in Mind and in Eye
Luana S. - 2021-11-01
I've notice no difference after finishing 1 bottle
Dea T. - 2021-10-31
I’ve just finished taking one month of Qualia Vision as directed, 1 cap 5 days on, 2 days off and unfortunately I haven’t noticed any improvement in my vision. In fact, I am experiencing even more discomfort than before I started taking the product. It is difficult to open my eyes in the morning due to searing pain. I don’t believe the product is causing the pain; whatever degenerative issue my eyes are having may only be helped by surgery. I wanted to avoid surgery and was hoping that Qualia...Read more.
Juan Jose C. - 2021-10-30
I got a little rush of energy but I found that I was distracted more than normal. I was not able to focus.
April C. - 2021-10-10
I have tried taking the full dose for 3 weeks and I do not feel any long standing effects. I have tried everything recommended on the bottle but I see no change in motivation or concentration whatsoever.
Patrick S. - 2021-10-04
I had very high hopes for this product. As, it was recommended by a trusted friend. I’ve had sleep issues for most of my adult life. And have been searching everywhere for something, anything to help with just a little bit of improved sleep. I truly wish I could leave a positive review. But this did absolutely nothing for me sleep-wise. I took it as directed every evening for a month and noticed no significant improvement to my sleep. And, considering the cost, I not only wouldn’t buy it ag...Read more.
Lina Maria F. - 2021-10-03
I haven’t got the delivery and I don’t get any satisfaction answer anywhere
JAVIER S. - 2021-09-29
So far, I got nothing good from it, all I have is a pain in my lower back, and I am 99% it is due to the pills, I’m assuming my system is getting used to it, therefore, I’m taking a brake taking them for few days and give it another shot, I hope you don’t give me hard time refunding my money if it doesn’t work and decide to return it. I’ll let you know how it goes in the next weeks. Thank you
Imtiaz R. - 2021-09-15
Only thing this project did for me is put me to sleep. Would not recommend this to anyone.
Brendon R. - 2021-09-08
Have not received my order yet
Maren M. - 2021-09-06
I wear an Oura ring and did not see any difference in any of my sleep markers while using Qualia night for one month as directed.
tanner V. - 2021-08-27
I just tried Qualia night for the first time. I took 4 capsules (at 8pm), hoping to have the best night of sleep of my life, & failed miserably. I’ve literally been up, wide awake, all night. It’s currently 4am, I have not gotten one minute of sleep & I have to go to work in 3 hours…gonna be a long day. Disappointed, to say the least.
Elder G. - 2021-08-19
This product does not work for me I’d like my money back
Dan C. - 2021-08-15
I wish I could say this helped me in anyway but I cannot. I honestly did not feel any difference
Dina S. - 2021-08-12
This does not help me sleep. Seems to do the opposite. Same thing for my friend who tried it.
Pat R. - 2021-08-05
I get an upset stomach so really can’t ‘stomach’ it - can’t even imagine taking 8 a day. However, customer service was excellent and efficient. Thank you.