Keith R. - 2021-02-14
More energy and motivation throughout the day. Sleep was slightly negatively impacted
Stephen K. - 2021-02-14
Energy a plenty
David B. - 2021-02-14
I can definitely tell a difference when I take them. Only down side is super vivid dreams/nightmares
Robin C. - 2021-02-12
Nootropic Energy feels like Qualia Mind without the delayed effects. I really enjoyed taking it first thing in the morning and immediately feeling energized and focused. Ultimately the only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I think Qualia Mind has a stronger, longer lasting effect.
Louis H. - 2021-02-12
Taste is a little intense, but the benefits outweigh that.
Dallis C. - 2021-02-12
I'm not really a coffee drinker, so this amount of caffeine is a lot for me. That said, I do notice a good increase in daily energy that doesn't seem to fade throughout the day, minimal "jitters" that typically only lasts a few minutes in the morning. I have noticed that the drink does seem to slightly suppress my appetite as well. In terms of mental clarity, I've haven't really noticed much of a difference. I will say that I feel like I've been a bit more focused and productive at times when...Read more.
Michael L. - 2021-02-11
I enjoyed the increased focus and energy without any jitters.
Carlos C. - 2021-02-11
Felt more energized through the day not too happy with the flavor.
Fredric B. - 2021-02-10
I experienced a nicely sustained ability to focus on work and stick with it without any jitters. It was easy to forget about having used the product until I realized that I had engaged in several hours of work straight through without the need for multiple breaks, but without any feeling of having an energy buzz that would later crash.
Eric O. - 2021-02-09
Gave me focus and energy to get my work done, I even powered through a tough workout and did lots of chores around the house that I would normally not get done.
Ralf T. - 2021-02-09
Gentle energy boost, very pleasant. I can feel the effect throughout the day but it still let's you take a nice nap. Overall very good. Packing could be approved. I feel the plastic bottle is very wasteful and the safety cover is hard to open, especially when driving .. A small, easy to open glass bottle would be nice. Capsules would also work.
Nadine A. - 2021-02-09
I like this energy drink. No crash and steady long lasting focus and energy. I took exactly as directed. I do not however like the taste. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to taste if I know it works but I know most people will not like it due to how it tastes. I would suggest throwing the shot in a smoothie if you are unable to take it due to taste.
Taylor C. - 2021-02-09
Good for energy. Used before a workout, but I think maybe it needed longer to start working.
Jason M. - 2021-02-09
From the first day I started taking it I could feel a difference, especially after lunch. By the end of the trial, I am not feeling the usual drowsiness in the early afternoon. It feels good, clean, no jittery feelings.
Skylor S. - 2021-02-09
Great! Energy felt good and lasted. It didn’t make me feel jittery at all. Only change I would make is the taste or make a capsule form.
Edwardo L. - 2021-02-09
It gave me about half of the energy boasting effect that qualia mind gives me, and it’s easy to drink. The sugar-y taste was the only thing that made made me knock one star off. It’s not too sweet, but I don’t like sweet-caffeine tasting products too much. However, this product does give me a good energy boost
geoffrey b. - 2021-02-08
Great, felt the effects after about 20-30 minutes, gave me more energy for the day.
Alex M. - 2021-02-08
Solid energy and alertness without any jitters. Have taken 3 servings so far and have had a very positive outcome each time.
Brantley S. - 2021-02-08
I enjoyed the way the product made me feel even though the berry flavor of the shot did not completely mask the strong herbal taste of the product. However, overall the energy shot was effective at giving me a lasting boost of energy and focus.
Rob S. - 2021-02-08
The five trial bottles I received were consistent in that each one gave me about the same feeling/energy boost
Stephen H. - 2021-02-08
the effect of this product is good.. definitely makes me feel aware, awake and energetic.. the triple berry flavor was not so great..
Abhi S. - 2021-02-08
I would give this product a total of a 4/5. Let's start with the positives. The drink says what it is sets out to do. It provides an amazing amount of energy throughout the week. I am working full time and doing a master's thesis part time and I had so much energy throughout the whole week to accomplish and keep up with all my tasks. Mostly would be 10-12h work days and drinking this in the morning I felt the prolonged effects and never really had a crash or dip in the afternoon. One of the s...Read more.
Joseph P. - 2021-02-08
All things being equal each day, there was a noticeable difference in energy and focus for a good portion of the work day which was roughly 6 out of the 8-9 hours per day. It wasn’t an overwhelming difference but enough to attribute it to the shot. Being as I already use energy supplements and use qualia mind, I can’t compare to someone who doesn’t use anything and is experiencing additional focus. Considering that, it worked as advertised.
Andrew Z. - 2021-02-08
The energy I got was quite amazing! The only reason I gave 4 stars is, and I know the process is not easy, but the taste was not so great. Other than that amazing product!