Erica D. - 2020-09-02
The timing of when I was to take the product was really a challenge, as it did not coincide with mealtime or any other time when I'd be taking other supplements. I also did not feel any discernible change in my sleep that I could attribute to the product.
Hans S. - 2020-08-31
Unfortunately, doesn't work...
Robert L. - 2020-08-28
I didn't experience any positive effects. However, I did have my mouth break out in ulcers and I felt "warm" all the time, though my temperature was normal. I am not saying this is a direct result of the product, but it coincided with taking the product.
RoxAnne E. - 2020-08-26
I track my sleep on an Oura ring and my sleep and readiness scores have been lower every night after taking it. Also, I've been restless during the night waking up 4-5 times each night. This morning I woke up with a headache. I track my food intake very closely (mainly paleo / low carb), drink 100 oz of water per day, get plenty of sunshine and grounding and I do not drink alcohol. Nothing else in my day/sleeping environment or supplement/eating/drinking routine has changed. On a positi...Read more.
Daniel W. - 2020-08-25
It's hard to say if this product improved me in any way. While I'm not looking for an obvious energy boost or anything else (like Qualia Mind may provide), I was hoping for some sort of noticeable improvement to my sense of wellbeing, etc. The primary thing I felt was bloating. I consumed at least 6 20-oz waters each day while taking it, but I still retained water. I realize that the product includes some creatine--and that creatine can cause water retention--but the discomfort for not welcom...Read more.
Clark U. - 2020-08-24
Used for one month following the directions but saw no discernable improvement in sleep parameters (deep sleep, rem, duration, etc).
Sonjia F. - 2020-08-20
Felt lethargic after taking this supplement.
Kurtis W. - 2020-08-11
After using Qualia Night for a couple of weeks, it was clear that this was not for me. It relaxed me at night, and made me fall asleep faster. But I would wake in the middle of the night sweaty and anxious (which is definitely not normal for me). I dreamt vivid, disruptive dreams. I would wake up exhausted. The morning after the last night I took it, I woke up having an anxiety attack. I haven't had any kind of anxiety attack in over a year, and never ever have just woke up in the morning wit...Read more.
Yarlie B. - 2020-08-11
This expensive product didn't deliver what I expected. It didn't help me fall nor remain sleeping. I am still looking for another that does both.I bought it based on its good reviews. Apparently it works for others. Unfortunately it didn't for me.
Tony L. - 2020-08-07
Honestly I've been taking it for a week now and have seen little to no improvement so far, also causes stomach aches when I take it. It could be worth the try due to money back, but I personally don't find it worth the high cost for such little benefits in my experience.
Gustavo Z. - 2020-07-31
So far, no change except for a little alertness. No effect on lack of energy or mid day crashes.
William T. - 2020-07-30
Took as recommended and noticed an improvement in overall focus and clarification for the first four days and since then, going on week 3 now, nothing. Almost seems like I regressed back to pre Focus state. No changes to daily routine over this time.
Clare J. - 2020-07-30
I didn’t notice any difference
Nicholas M. - 2020-07-24
I didnt notice much effect at all on sleeping, it helped me relax a little bit but actually had me feeling wired.
Drake K. - 2020-07-20
Didn’t notice much of a difference
Mac Y. - 2020-07-20
Overall, I didn't notice any difference in my sleep, either in terms of quality, ease of falling asleep, or restedness and energy levels the next day. No negatives either — it seems any effects were too subtle for me to pick up on over 5 days. I am generally pretty satisfied with my 'sleep hygiene' to begin with, so it's possible someone starting from a less desirable baseline might be better served. The one issue I do experience is the occasional night where I can't fall asleep at my regular...Read more.
Kyle H. - 2020-07-16 | Beta Tester
I take a long time to wake up, partially because I regularly only get 6-7 hrs. I found that I woke up about 2 hours before my alarm with a fresh mind. If I went back to sleep, which I usually did, it felt like I was breaking through hibernation. It was extremely difficult to get up. I started taking it earlier in the evening thinking I took it too late and the same thing happened. I took it at 4pm one day and that was a solid night with a good, heavy workout the next morning. I think another ...Read more.
Charlene V. - 2020-07-16 | Beta Tester
I found 4 pills to be too much. I slept for 11 hours and felt like I could have slept 4 more. When I got up I felt a bit groggy. 2 pills worked better for me. I like the calming effect it had before I went to sleep. I felling of my body winding down and the relaxing was effective. I noticed my dreams were much more vivid but i also felt a little anxious in them. Almost like my brain was working overtime while asleep. I have a spinal cord injury so it seemed to put me into my sympathetic nervo...Read more.
Jonathan T. - 2020-07-16 | Beta Tester
It works, especially during a heavy workload week, but I had stomach issues. The second day and the last day I had unusual bowel movements including diarrhea. I missed Friday's dosage and so took it the following Monday. One or two of the nights I took it too late, like right before bedtime and not a few hours before as instructed. I could tell the quality of my sleep was slightly improved but not enough to warrant staying on the product long term.
Donna R. - 2020-07-16 | Beta Tester
It was very convenient for me to take the pills a few hours before bed with food. I liked that better then In the morning on an empty stomach. I didn’t notice a change in the amount of time i feel tired, but I did notice a change in my mood during the day. I felt like i was slightly More joyful. More calm and at ease than usually.
Dorian L. - 2020-07-16
It's OK. It just didn't help me.
Sarah O. - 2020-07-10 | Beta Tester
I didn’t notice anything different other than not feeling as good as usual On the days I took it. It’s hard to contribute it to the supplement as there were some stressors in the mix, but I wasn’t wild about this one :(
Scott M. - 2020-07-05
I bought qualia mind and was hoping for results like most I've read about in the reviews, but I didn't notice much difference except for a slight headache. Maybe I'll try a different product. I will say that customer service wise they get 5 stars because they refunded my money with no questions asked. I wish it would have worked for me. The search continues.
Judd R. - 2020-07-04
Apart from feeling short-tempered for a couple hours after using, I not not perceive a significant increase in congnition or focus. Unfortunate.
Heather L. - 2020-07-04
I do seem to be getting more deep sleep