Qualia Night Reviews

Cedric T. - 2024-01-17
The product came highly recommended but it made virtually no difference in my sleep during the 3 nights I tested it apart from being a bit more foggy in the morning. So quite pricey for the result.
Hisae I. - 2023-11-06
No changes in sleep quality nor did not have me stay asleep after continuing for a week, I gave up. Too many pills to take.
John Henry P. - 2023-10-18
This product didn’t work
Rebecca R. - 2023-06-23
This company promises a deep discount for auto ship sign up and then sends the auto ship without notifying the customer that it is time to review the auto ship - thereby guaranteeing at least a one time over priced shipment to the customer. Extremely predatory buisness practice.
Robert C. - 2023-05-27
Not working
mark b. - 2023-05-15
Has not helped me sleep at all.
Jonathan W. - 2023-01-28
This didn't help me sleep any better. I don't understand why it costs so much, and why they also charge $10 for shipping on top of the already outrageous price, even if you have a monthly subscription.
K M. - 2022-07-22
This just did NOT work for me!
Trevor N. - 2022-02-17
Not noticing a difference in my REM or Deep sleep on my Oura Ring, I also tried Qualia Mind , not feeling the benefits either in my motivation or focus
Kimberlee E. - 2022-02-11
I took a half dose (2 capsules) right after dinner over two consecutive nights and boy, what a disaster. I had an extremely hard time getting to sleep each night as both my mind and my heart rate were racing. I'm happy to see that this works for many people. I'm just not one of them.
Patrick S. - 2021-10-04
I had very high hopes for this product. As, it was recommended by a trusted friend. I’ve had sleep issues for most of my adult life. And have been searching everywhere for something, anything to help with just a little bit of improved sleep. I truly wish I could leave a positive review. But this did absolutely nothing for me sleep-wise. I took it as directed every evening for a month and noticed no significant improvement to my sleep. And, considering the cost, I not only wouldn’t buy it ag...Read more.
Maren M. - 2021-09-06
I wear an Oura ring and did not see any difference in any of my sleep markers while using Qualia night for one month as directed.
tanner V. - 2021-08-27
I just tried Qualia night for the first time. I took 4 capsules (at 8pm), hoping to have the best night of sleep of my life, & failed miserably. I’ve literally been up, wide awake, all night. It’s currently 4am, I have not gotten one minute of sleep & I have to go to work in 3 hours…gonna be a long day. Disappointed, to say the least.
Dina S. - 2021-08-12
This does not help me sleep. Seems to do the opposite. Same thing for my friend who tried it.
Francis R. - 2021-05-06
Did not do anything for me, my sleep was 100% the same as before, after a full 30 days.
phil h. - 2021-04-24
Not helping at all
Emily J. - 2021-04-13
For me the rating of 1 star is appropriate, but not because of poor product. I find that L-theanine prevents me from achieving deep sleep - don't understand that but have seen it with other products as well. I experimented with dosage but it is consistent no matter what. Any light you can shed on that would be appreciated. Thanks!
Sandy N. - 2021-03-31
I’m so disappointed in this product. It was expensive to start with. It upset my stomach so badly I almost had to throw up, and I only took 2, not the recommended dose of 4. I would not recommend this product
VALENTINE D. - 2021-03-22
Idk what I had a reaction to, but I couldn't sleep for 3 nights in a row when I tried this product. Going to need a refund. I love qualia mind though.
Daniel H. - 2021-03-03
I used this product a few times now and had to discontinue it. After the first night, I woke up with a terrible headache that would not go away and I also had worse sleep as it was interrupted with some disturbing vivid dreams. The headache lasted for almost 3 days. Perhaps I am more sensitive to some of the ingredients, but it was not a pleasant experience nonetheless.
Dan P. - 2021-02-17
No difference in sleep not worth the money
Ryan K. - 2021-02-15
Did not help me sleep or go to sleep. Very disappointed
Veronica S. - 2021-01-20
Haven’t noticed anything significant in first week of use. Not sure WHAT to expect. 🥺
Kathy L. - 2021-01-19
It wasn’t even close to a good night’s rest. I was very restless, frustrated and mad at my self for falling for yet another promise of better sleep.
Jordan O. - 2021-01-16
I was really hoping this was going to help, but I haven't noticed any difference. I have however noticed a difference with Qualia mind! I can't wait until grad school begins so I can really test it out.